Studio Design Packages offering scaled-up solutions

With a wide range of skills and a passion for acoustics, engineering and design, Waveform Acoustics offers customers expert studio design services. With experience working alongside experts in the recording studio space, home studio owners, radio stations and educational institutions in Australia and New Zealand, a vast body of knowledge is now at your disposal. We offer standard packages as well as bespoke design solutions so that all our clients find the perfect solution that meets their particular requirement and budget.

Starter Guide Package - from $580 ex gst

Offering an economic package, we recommend the Starter Guide Package which is suitable for clients who are renovating or transforming an existing space. Keeping in mind the escalating costs of renting office space and the increasing popularity of home studios, we offer this package for both home and office applications. This includes up to two hours of consultations with experts and advice on various aspects that are relevant to studio design including lighting, electrical and cabling. We also investigate ventilation requirements, sound absorption/reverberation control measures and noise attenuation control measures.

Lite Package - from $980 ex gst

The Lite Package is another cost-effective studio design package that is suitable for clients considering renovating or transforming an existing space. This package has all the inclusions of the Starter Guide Package and an add-on – a written design report. The written design report includes a materials selection guide and a list of contacts. With an easy-to-read report, clients will have no trouble accessing vital information at their fingertips.

Premium Package - from $1780 ex gst

The Premium Package is ideal for clients who are starting from scratch and creating a new studio space or multiple studio spaces. This package has all the inclusions of the Lite Package with the added benefit of 2D floor plans. 2D floor plans are scaled and give a bird’s eye view of the project. They are studio blueprints and make it easy to make revisions, if required.

The Works Package - from $2800 ex gst

The Works Package is an end-to-end studio design solution. This package is perfect for clients in need of a new studio space or multiple studio spaces. This package contains all the inclusions of the Premium Package and includes additional services – elevations and 3D modelling plans. With these elements, clients can get a realistic visualisation of the end product and make adjustments, if required.

Get in touch with Waveform Acoustics today – we have the expertise and experience to deliver standard or innovative solutions that exceed expectations.