Comprehensive Range of Acoustic Panels

Unwanted noise and sound reverberation in your home, office or trade establishment, can be particularly annoying. By investing in acoustic panels offered by Waveform Acoustics, you can reduce the echo in any live space. We design, produce and supply a wide range of quality acoustic panels to customers in Australia and New Zealand.

The Problem of Elevated Noise Levels

The problem of sound reverberation typically arises in spaces with hard surfaces. Reverberation occurs as sound bounces off walls, ceilings and floors. This can amplify even the of sounds making it difficult for people to concentrate and process conversations effectively. You may have trouble understanding speech or enjoying music due to excessive noise levels. This can lead to a loss of productivity, fatigue or an increase in stress levels which can ultimately affect your well-being.

Acoustics Panels Are a Practical Solution

Acoustic panels are a practical sound-absorbing solution which can installed onto either walls or ceilings to reduce noise or echo. Waveform Acoustics is an Australia-based company that specialises in the design and manufacturing of different types of acoustic panels. Acoustic panels are available in a range of sizes and face profiles, slotted timber panels with different finishes and profiles and upholstered and foam acoustic panels with customisation options. We also offer convenient-to-use peel and stick acoustic tiles and innovative treatments like acoustic clouds.

Avail Expert Advice and Assistance

The type of acoustic panel you choose can have an impact on the result. For example, slotted timber panels typically perform better at lower frequencies while upholstered acoustic panels tend to perform better at higher frequencies. Various other factors such as the thickness of the product also impacts performance. Making the right choice is critical  when it comes to achieving the effect that you desire. Our team of acoustic panel experts with experience in both architecture and acoustics will provide guidance every step of the way. 

Find the Perfect Product for Your Project

Our acoustic products are commonly used in different environments including homes, offices, trade establishments, schools and restaurants to name a few.  Our products are specially engineered to quieten busy areas and make them more functional for everyone. One advantage of choosing Waveform Acoustics is that we offer a wide variety of choices with regard to type, profiles, finishes and specifications. This, along with our tailored solutions, ensures that you will find the right product that meets your budget, functional requirements and aesthetic considerations.

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