Waveform Offers Building Acoustics Services With Local Expertise

At Waveform Acoustics we offer comprehensive expertise and over a decade of experience in delivering a complete suite of building acoustics solutions. No matter what the scale of your project – whether it is apartment development or a change of usage permit, we offer high quality solutions with quick turnaround times.

Services for Wide Range of Clients

Because of the impact on community well-being, productivity and communication, noise levels need to be controlled in residential and commercial buildings. Nobody understands this better than Waveform Acoustics. Our team of specialist acoustic consultants assist in providing viable solutions for a wide range of applications including childcare centres, gymnasiums, live music venues, concert halls, theatres, churches and single/multi apartment development projects. We collaborate with clients in both Australia and New Zealand, across all states and territories.

Regulation Expertise to Ensure Compliance

Building owners need to comply with government regulations such as EPA SEPP N-1 (including NIRV) and EPA SEPP N-2 or risk significant penalties. Our team of experts have thorough understanding of these regulations and can provide recommendations to ensure you comply. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that they are receiving advice and recommendations from knowledgeable professionals. We provide Noise and Amenity Action Plans to describe in detail the potential impact of noise and amenities resulting from a proposed licensed venue in a particular area. We also offer solutions to reduce negative impacts from project proposals.

Solutions for Diverse Applications


Over ten years we have been challenged from a vast range of acoustics issues.


For example;

We have worked with the noise reduction from car stackers and provided sound insulation/sound protection solutions as required. We also offer market-leading façade management solutions that can be customised to meet  particular requirements of performance, features and aesthetics. Our solutions are designed to reduce incoming outdoor noise, create a comfortable indoor space and can be applied to a wide range of commercial buildings.

Why Choose Us?

By partnering Waveform Acoustics, you can proactively manage noise issues in building projects. We recommend clients engage our building acoustics service at the design and planning stage to avoid or minimise expensive rectification works later on. Our team of acoustics consultants with specialist knowledge can deliver sound optimisation solutions for any type of building and room. We take a holistic approach, taking consideration the building application, adjacent structures and compliance requirements before delivering premium acoustics solutions. We are efficient at what we do – normally, we offer fee proposals within twenty four hours of receiving an enquiry and complete most projects within two weeks.

Speak to one of our friendly team members, we would love to hear from you!