Recent Projects

University of Manitoba Canada

Brief - The University of Manitoba is currently constructing a new Engineering facility. The faculty required a sound proof chamber where they could conduct a variety of complex texts in a quiet space. 

Solution -Waveform Acoustics supplied and installed a booth on the 4th floor. The booth shipped into Winnipeg and then our team installed and commissioned the booth (the weather was minus 20 in case your were wondering) 

Result - The supply and installation was completed on time and the client was pleased with the result.  

Victorian College of the Arts

Brief - Two tutorial rooms used for lectures and conferencing were very live and had minimal wall and ceiling space for acoustic treatment.

Solution - Waveform Acoustics supplied and installed custom sized Q32 Acoustic Panels installed on the walls

Result - The reverberation in the spaces was greatly reduced. The panels added to the aesthetic ambience in the spaces.

Cochlear Christchurch

Brief - The Southern Cochlear Implant Program  required an Audiology VROA chamber as part of the refit of their Christchurch facilities. The site was currently in use so access and installation had to be programmed to minimise any disruption to staff and clients.   

Solution - Waveform Acoustics supplied and installed a VROA chamber and were able to do so with minimal inconvenience to the wider hospital site and no client downtime.

Result - The client was pleased with both the process of installation of the Audiology Booth and the final result.

Bass Flinders Distillery

Brief - The Bass Flinders Distillery had relocated their Gin Distillery to a new purpose build location in Dromana. The tasting area was very 'live' and 'reverberant' and it was difficult to hold a conversation about their lovely Gin in the space.     

Solution - As Christmas was fast approaching, Waveform Acoustics supplied Acoustic Ceiling Panels for installation on the roof. The client was able to arrange a local team to install by Christmas! 

Result - The client was very pleased with the final result and hopefully the New Year will see Gin sales go through the roof. By the way - they run awesome Gin making classes! 

University of Melbourne

Brief - The University of Melbourne wanted to create a self service recording space within the Baillieu Library for staff and students to create online video content quickly and effectively

Solution - The team at Waveform Acoustics designed, supplied and installed a flat packed Studio POD over a weekend ready for the students to access. 

Result - Staff and students have a quiet professional space to create Podcasts, YouTube clips and other creative content right in the middle of the library precinct.

Earbus Foundation WA

Brief - The Earbus Foundation of WA (the foundation Waveform Acoustics supports) was relocating their WA headquarters from Wembley to Northbridge. As part of the move they needed to relocate their VROA booth. We undertook a site assessment for them and discovered that the flooring in the new location would not be adequate to support the weight of the booth. With the assistance of local engineers and builders they were able to strengthen the floor system to hold the weight of the booth 

Solution - Waveform Acoustics assisted in the removal and packaging of the booth from Wembley, transporting the Audiology booth to Northbridge, and then re-assembling the booth ready for use.

Result - The client was pleased with how swift and smooth the process was. We look foreword to our ongoing partnership with the Earbus Foundation. For more information about their amazing work see their video at the following link