Tailored Domestic Noise Solutions from Waveform Acoustics

Are you annoyed by aircraft noise near your home or your neighbour’s noisy air conditioner? Now you can filter outdoor noise and make your interior space an oasis of peace and quiet with Waveform Acoustics extensive range of domestic noise solutions. We offer high quality, cost-effective solutions to clients across Australia and New Zealand.

Achieving Excellence In Domestic Noise Solutions

Our team of noise control experts have developed a comprehensive range of solutions including measurement, design and implementation options  to help you enjoy peace and quiet at home. Accurate noise measurement is the first step to reducing domestic noise and for this we use state-of-the-art equipment that precisely measure noise levels. We will work closely with you to devise the best solution while taking into consideration performance, budget and aesthetics.

Stan-out Product Development Capabilities

Waveform Acoustics has manufacturing and engineering capabilities to develop a wide range of soundproofing products that meet industry standards and individual requirements. We offer acoustic panels, acoustic fences, noise barriers, acoustic fences, air-conditioner noise baffles, acoustic curtains and much more to help home owners create the perfect acoustic and ambient environment. Based in Melbourne, our service network is spread out throughout Victoria as well as other states and territories in Australia and New Zealand.

Areas of Expertise

Clients popularly use our service when they are faced with high levels of noise emanating from nearby traffic, aircraft noise, pool pumps, air-conditioners, gymnasiums, nightclubs or neighbours in an apartment development  -any of these can ruin your day, negatively impact productivity and cause needless stress.  Our team has over ten years experience in offering domestic noise solutions for all these situations. In addition, we offer Agent of Change services, helping residential developers and live music venue owners implement noise attenuation measures. We also have a thorough understanding of EPA Sepp No. N-1 and Sepp No. N-2 compliance (including NIRV) compliance obligations and can assist you adhere to the same.

Why Choose Us?

Clients choose us for various reasons. At Waveform Acoustics we are committed to delivering high quality solutions in a timely manner and with cost-effective pricing. We have knowledgeable acoustic consultants on board our team, that are experts in local knowledge.  Each project is assessed, explained and estimated on an individual basis – we do not offer cut and past solutions from us! Whether it is noise measurement or acoustic product manufacturing, we use highest quality acoustic technology for every service.

Why put up with irritating and annoying domestic noise pollution – consult Waveform Acoustics to design and implement the perfect soundproofing solution!