Noise and Sound Limiters with State-of-the-Art Features

Throughout Australia, legislation in the area of workplace noise may require the installation of a sound and noise limiter at your premises. IT is often required when applying for or extending your license to run an entertainment venue such as a bar, restaurant, pub, night club, music venue, health club etc.  To ensure compliance with EPA regulations and local council regulations as well as minimising excessive noise complaints, Waveform Acoustics offers clients a wide range of high quality noise and sound limiters.

Sophisticated Noise Controlling Devices

Music is an important experience at entertainment venues but it can easily degenerate into an issue when played at excessive levels. Noise or sound limiters are electronic devices designed to monitor sound levels in an area and curtail the maximum sound emission.  

State-of-the-Art Innovation Features

The latest range of noise limiters are robust, sophisticated devices that can automatically apply control and prevent sound from exceeding a pre-set level. Made from sturdy materials and compact in size, these devices can be fitted at convenient, out-of-sight locations yet monitor sound levels effectively. They are easy to install and boast of state-of-the-art features such as a fire alarm interface, remote microphone, built in contactor, variable time delay and much more. Most provide some sort of advance warning to performers or sound engineers so that they can adjust accordingly to avoid unwanted performance disruption.

Wide Range of Products to Choose From

At Waveform Acoustics, we offer reliable, highly spec'd products such as the Sentry Sound SSC100, SSC200 and SSC1000 Noise Limiter,  and LRF frequency limiter that have proven their worth in Australia. We supply these products at cost-effective prices to customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Professional Advice and Recommendations

The application of noise and sound limiters is increasing by the day. Our team will be pleased to offer you professional advice on the type of device that would be best suited for your particular application and venue.

Don’t worry about losing your trade license because of non-compliance with local council noise restriction regulations - invest in a reliable, high quality noise and sound limiter offered by Waveform Acoustics!