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Waveform Acoustics provide high quality noise and vibration services throughout Melbourne and Australia. Our experienced team offer assessment, monitoring and reporting capabilities covering industrial, domestic and commercial requirements.

Noise Monitoring Services

Noise exposure can be an annoyance or worse, pose a health risk. While hearing loss is the most obvious outcome of noise exposure, research shows that high blood pressure, heart disease and stress can also be a potential outcome. The widespread implications of noise exposure have resulted in the need for stricter guidelines to be met, monitored and maintained.

Waveform Acoustics offer noise and vibration services for a variety of situations such as the operation of commercial or industrial equipment,manufacturing lines, concerts and sporting events.Noise and vibration services are also required for various public applications such as live music venues, gymnasiums, bars and restaurants among others. Measuring and monitoring noise levels are the only method to ensure that levels conform to guidelines and do not present health risks.

Reliable and Accurate Results

For noise monitoring results to be accurate, precision measurement instruments must be used. As recognized specialists in the area of acoustics and noise reporting in Melbourne, the team at Waveform Acoustics uses precision equipment while conducting noise monitoring exercises. We have an extensive range of sound level meters and noise loggers that we use for specific applications and regularly calibrated to ensure accuracy.Our highly qualified acoustic consultants are highly qualified and had years of hands on experience across a broad range of complex issues.

Uses of Noise Reports

Waveform Acoustics conduct noise measurements on site, process data and prepare noise reports in Melbourne, regional Victoria and other states in Australia. We also offer noise and vibration services to customers in New Zealand and further afield. Our environmental and workplace noise reports contain results of noise measurement tests that may be compared to noise exposure levels specified by statutory codes and standards. The comprehensive noise reports provided by Waveform Acoustics may be presented to statutory authorities or used for making well-informed decisions about noise exposure.

Backed By Expertise and Experience

Our recommendations in our noise reports are used by customers throughout Melbourne and Victoria, to identify effective noise protection solutions such as insulation, noise barriers and more. We also provide considered solutions and bespoke products delivered in a timely and affordable manner. With extensive experience in working with a variety of customers we can help create ideal acoustic environments for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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