Sheer Acoustic Curtains for  Domestic and Commercial Applications

Excessive room noise is disruptive for effective communication and work performance, adding to stress and fatigue. Evidence suggests that a comfortable acoustic environment is beneficial for enhanced productivity and well-being. The installation of an acoustic curtain can provide a significant acoustic solution to this issue.  The intrigue weave of these fabrics absorb unwanted sound transforming unuseable spaces into areas of acoustic ambience.

Lightweight and Translucent

Traditional acoustic curtains are heavy and dense. They block sunlight and are difficult to retract. Sheer acoustic curtains have been developed after hundreds of hours of research and testing. They are made using special fabric weaving technology that allows them to absorb sound as effectively as heavy curtains. Hush sheer curtains are available to our customers in Australia and New Zealand. 

Domestic and Commercial Applications

Sheer acoustic curtains are the ideal solution for rooms where acoustic panelling is not possible or may be inappropriate, particularly for use in rooms with sound reflecting and echo producing surfaces such as glass, marble, concrete etc. The sheer acoustic curtains offered by Waveform Acoustics have been installed in homes, offices, commercial hospitality spaces and seminar/conference rooms to name a few. Customers can use them in open spaces, as partitions or to create flexible workspaces where they want intelligibility of sound and speech coupled with balanced lighting.

Versatile Solutions for Any Interior Design

Our acoustic curtains are available in light and dark colours. Customers can select from a wide variety of patterns and textures in order to find the perfect match for any living space. They are designed to blend in seamlessly with interiors while providing an effective acoustic solution.

Sound Proofing and Space Optimising

Elegant and refined in appearance, Hush curtains provide home owners complete flexibility to create the exact interiors they desire.  Another advantage of the acoustic curtains we offer is that their level of performance can be adjusted in terms of style of curtain or blind selected.

Whether folded curtains or panel curtains or blinds – the possibilities are endless.

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