Waveform Acoustics Offers Bespoke & Pre-Fab Recording Studios 

With clients throughout Australia and New Zealand, Waveform Acoustics specialise in creating high-performance studio spaces in homes, professional recording spaces, schools and universities. No matter how demanding your application or how vast the scale of your project, we can provide a customised solution that meets your exact requirements.

Studio Design Solutions

From simple design advice for studio renovations to complete project management for building a brand-new studio space, we provide technical and design support right through to manufacture and installation.  

Clients can select from four different studio design packages starting from a basic ‘Starter Guide Package’ to a more comprehensive ‘The Works Package’. We can also provide a tailored design solution to meet your unique needs. Included in these packages are recommendations on various matters such as cabling, lighting, electrical, ventilation, attenuation control and sound absorption/reverberation control. Premium packages include 2D floor plans, elevations and 3D modeling plans.


As an Australia-based manufacturer of innovative acoustic products, we offer pre-fabricated, dismountable studio booths at attractive prices. These products are in response to clients who request high quality, budget-friendly studio booth options for homes and offices. Our pre-fabricated studio pods are available in a wide range of colors, internal finishes and sizes to meet your performance and aesthetic requirements. Studio booths come flat-packed which ensures easy installation on almost any site and feature easy dismantling in case you need to relocate.

Premium Studio Booths

If you have a demanding application such as professional sound recording, voice overs, radio station recording, television production or multi-media, Waveform offers premium studio booths with high quality acoustic properties. Our premium studio booths are available in standard as well as bespoke sizes and an unlimited range of configuration options to suit your particular requirements of performance features and aesthetics. Most of our premium studios come flat-packed and are easily dismantled, which makes them easy to transport, install or relocate. Studio pod sizes start at 1200mmx1200mm and increase as per your needs.

Studio and Broadcast Equipment

Having worked in the acoustics field for over a decade, we have developed a network of contacts and partnered numerous organisations to provide end-to-end design and delivery solutions a broad range of clientele. Whether you have an amateur or professional sound recording studio, film production studio, school rehearsing room or university tutoring room, we can source an extensive range of studio equipment such as lighting equipment, cameras and broadcast equipment if required.

Contact us for a complete studio solution that meets your expectations and ensures an outstanding result.

If a modular booth is not suitable we also have many years of experience designing spaces and environments which can then be built in situ by your own building team or our preferred contactors.

Our range includes

  1. Podcast Booth
  2. Studio in a Box
  3. Vocal Booth
  4. Voice Over Booth
  5. Video Casting Booth
  6. Studio POD
  7. Video POD