High Performance Audiology Equipment

Waveform Acoustics understand that obtaining accurate results for hearing diagnostic procedures and precision threshold audiometric testing is critical. That's why our audiology booths are designed for high performance noise reduction to ensure the exactness of audiometric testing. With expertise in the design and delivery of audiology equipment such as audiology booths, test pods, RF and EM shielded chambers and anechoic chambers, our aim is to offer hearing health consultants and facilities the best outcomes in accordance with industry standards and specifications.

Extensive Range of Configurations

Whether developing a new facility or refurbishing an existing one, we have a solution to meet your needs. Our audiology booths are available in a wide variety of configurations including single-person micro and mini booths and paediatric VROA booths. While we are happy to provide standard solutions, customers can also select turnkey solutions.

Supporting local industry, we manufacture locally. This also enables us to fully customise size and interior. Our audiology consultants are available to discuss your unique requirements and provide their best recommendations.

End-To-End Solutions

We aim to provide effective solutions and straightforward  for professionals working in the hearing health industry.  When it comes to audiology equipment, we offer competitive prices. Providing end-to-end solutions including design and delivery of audiology equipment, Waveform Acoustics also offers audiology booth certification services. In addition, we provide assistance to meet equipment certification requirements, support to refurbish existing audio booths and chambers and also logistical expertise to transport products locally, nationally or internationally.

Seamless Design and Delivery Services

Our vast range of audiology equipment is available for sale throughout Australia and New Zealand. We partner with a select group of organisations to provide seamless, high quality solutions. At Waveform Acoustics, we take pride in the expertise and experience of our team that has helped us deliver outstanding solutions and exceptional customer service year after year. All our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure optimum performance.

Who's Who of Waveform Acoustic's Clients

Our team of designers, engineers and consultants work closely to develop turnkey solutions that suit your needs. With specialist advice and design capabilities, our acoustics experts can turn your concept into reality. Our state-of-the-art audiology equipment is being used by leading audiologists, ENT specialists, hearing health clinics and hospitals world-wide.

For premium audiology equipment delivered with comprehensive support services, get in touch with Waveform Acoustics.