Dairy Processing Plant Noise Logging

Posted By N.Barnes  
17:38 PM

In June this year, a Leading Processor of Dairy Products in Australia reached out to us concerning the need to comply with a new EPA Noise Protocol. All sites required noise audits to determine what noise emissions could be detected at their nearest residential receivers. Waveform provided noise logging at each site and results were tabulated for the client. This was a great project, but we faced some unexpected challenges, such as a friendly cow having a taste of one of our noise loggers and insect noise rendering some recordings unintelligible. Rohan Barnes (Principal of Waveform Acoustics) said, it was incredible to “meet some of the amazing local people who had worked at these organisations for over 2 decades!” He described it as a “fascinating” experience, being able to see “how our milk goes from dairy to processing plant and then to our homes”.

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