Acoustic Consulting Services in Melbourne and Victoria


We understand that time is important to you so we usually have fee proposals to you within hours of request and most projects are completed in 5-10 days.

Offering acoustic consultancy services throughout Melbourne and Victoria, Waveform Acoustics has the in-depth expertise you can rely on. 

We offer a complete range of acoustic consulting services to individuals, commercial establishments, industrial requirements and real estate developers to name a few. Whether it is an Acoustic Report as part of a planning application, site testing, building design advice or implementing best solutions, we are always ready for the challenge. Coupled with extensive local knowledge we are the preferred choice for many clients with repeat work.

Top Quality Advice and Assistance When You Need It

Our team of well-qualified acoustic consultants are experienced at handling projects of any size. For over ten years, we have provided advice and assistance in a wide range of areas including building acoustics, building code compliance, noise measurement and monitoring, EPA Sepp No. N-1 compliance, EPA NIRV compliance, EPA Sepp No. N-2 compliance, event monitoring, permit work and liquor licensing.

Specialists in EPA Compliance

Understanding the nuances of EPA compliance is critical to avoiding disputes and penalties in Melbourne and Victoria. Our acoustics consultants are well-versed with the intricacies of various noise regulation legislation and can hence help you comply with them with complete confidence. For example, did you know that EPA Sepp No. N-1 is aimed at managing commercial, trade and industrial noise in Melbourne’s metropolitan region whereas NIRV applies to non Sepp No. N-1 locations in Victoria? Layered with intricacies, we know our field and we can help you understand and comply with the recommended maximum noise levels.

Accurate Noise Monitoring

Noise level monitoring has great importance in our community, to ensure we live well together. For precision results, we use state-of-the-art tools and computer software to monitoring noise levels in different areas such as gymnasiums, concerts, sporting events, pubs, restaurants, live music venues, commercial premises and industrial environments. We also can assess domestic noise levels such as noise emanating from a pool pump or an air-conditioner and provide viable solutions for effective management.

Comprehensive Noise Management Solutions

We understand that acoustics management is not only a requirement of law but also in the interests of community health, welfare and safety. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in delivering tailored acoustic design solutions for different requirements including live entertainment, night clubs, recording studios, churches, malls, theatres, gymnasiums, child care centres, concert halls and much more.

Exceptional Customer Service

Waveform Acoustics offer first-class outcomes quickly and efficiently. Clients can expect high quality services every time, including fee proposals within hours of enquiry and project completion within two weeks. Our qualified acoustic consultants are trained to provide real-world, tailored and cost-effective recommendations that meet our client’s unique requirements.

Trust Waveform Acoustics to manage every aspect of your project – give us a call or e-mail to discuss your requirements.

Summary of Reports and Services

1. Acoustic Reports

2. EPA Sepp No. N-1 and No. N-2


4. Clause 52.43 Agent of Change

5. Railway Noise Report

6. Traffic Noise Report - AS 3671

7. Aircraft Intrusion - AS 2021:2015

8. NCC Building Acoustics and Façade Design

9. Car Stacker Compliance

10. Reverberation Time Testing 

11. Building Design according to AS2107

12. Environmental Protection (Residential Noise) Regulations 2018